Thursday, April 11, 2013

A New New DeLew

Well, we're pleased to announce that there's going to be a new New DeLew entering this world. Yep, there's a bun in the oven, we're expecting a stork to stop by soon, my egg-o is pregg-o, and the eagle has landed! We're amazed, excited, appropriately frightened, and eager to see what God does with this little baby that's in my belly.

Let's just answer a couple of typical questions:

-I'm 13 weeks, which puts us at an October ETA
-Yes, we'll find out the baby's sex (and we'll tell people)
-No, we don't have any names (but we won't tell you what it is anyway...)
-Sure, that's a kind of personal question, but it was somewhat of a surprise
-Yes, we both plan to go back to work after the babe gets here
-Oh yes, we are accepting ALL prayers

We're excited to welcome a new one into the New DeLew clan. It'll be a journey with a ton of learning, but it's an adventure that we believe God is bringing our way. Pretty cool.

And, while in utero, we're affectionately calling it Baby YOLO. Feel free to do the same.

The night we found out about Baby YOLO!

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