Saturday, November 13, 2010

Changes Come

As the seasons change, the New DeLews have found themselves in a time of transition. This Autumn has zoomed by us, especially after the marathon (which was one of the best/funnest experiences of my life). And although no one would call the New DeLews particularly handy in the home project arena, we've spent the past month trying to make our lovely rented apartment feel like a home (pictures to come... eventually). We've been having a grand ol' time nuzzling into our lives here, making ourselves pretty comfortable and pretty settled- essentially preparing to hibernate for winter.

Occasionally I have looked at other jobs. Usually this didn’t mean anything because we have this nasty thing called the economic downturn. So really I was browsing what might be out there if this dream called ‘a good job market’ ever comes true. So one month ago, I applied to a couple of jobs. Within a week, (to my complete surprise) I had 2 interviews scheduled and I was thinking through those awful ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’ questions. After a couple more interviews, I accepted a position at my college alma mater as the Associate Director of Reunion Class Giving.

The words from the Over the Rhine song have been playing in my head- "Changes Come, turn my world around..." And I feel like that’s what is happening. Our worlds are being turned around and we are feeling stretched and excited. A couple of rites of passages are occurring right now (not in order of importance):

1. buying my first business suit (Mark is SO happy)

2. deciding to leave my current position for the unknown of a different job.

3. writing and submitting my first letter of resignation

4. initiating the first major lifestyle change for the New DeLews

I think that number four has been the scariest. Both Mark and I have an abnormal love of city living. Because we both currently work downtown, we love commuting together, having a 25 minute commute, getting home at 5pm sharp and having the entire evening to run together, make dinner, entertain. And yet, with this new position, I will be doing the reverse commute via train- to the suburbs- probably taking an average of 1 hour each way. Although the idea of drastically changing our lifestyle like this is particularly daunting, we are confident that this is the beginning of a new season in our lives. Yes, we will both put more of ourselves into our jobs and we’ll have to be more intentional about our time together and with others, but changes come. And we believe God is in these changes, and so we are thankful.

As the song says- “Changes Come, Leave my burden down." So as the changes in front of us are SO exciting and a little daunting, we rest in the reality that this is where God is leading us now. We have learned over and over again, He is faithful and He will sustain us. So we’re excited for the journey ahead.