Sunday, January 13, 2013

12 Things about 2012

Since the New DeLews were fairly silent on the blog over the past year, we might as well share 12 things about 2012-- just to give an overview of the year.  

1. Roommates- why have a second bedroom if it's empty? In the spring we had an incredible 6'9'' roommate who painted our walls (thanks, Tyler!), and this past fall, my dear friend (hi Melissa!) who frequently washes our dishes has been staying with us. Although the Medill is small, it's mighty. And we just love having it open for all to use.

2. Three-Year Anniversary- Yeah, we really love being married. It's pretty cool. 

3. Working. A Lot- With a ton of projects and firm deadlines on the horizon in 2012, we dedicated ourselves fully to work. Lots of late nights and weekends, but we felt like it was the right time for us to dive into our careers. We're seeking to have a more balanced approach now because that wasn't sustainable. But it was a learning experience.

4. Nicaragua- In the midst of all that work, somehow we found a way to pop over to Central America. Drinks on the beach, staying with a lovely Nicaraguan family, and eating tons of rice and beans, it was a perfect break. 

5. New Nephews and Nieces- We got to welcome two lovely babies into the George family. Woodrow Morton George and Eden Elizabeth Majorins. I had the honor of staying with Eden in the hospital the evening after she was born. One of the best nights of my life.

6. Becoming Bosses- I'd like to think this is somehow connect to point number two, but both of us entered into the world of management this year. Supervising employees has its challenges, but we're grateful for the opportunity to grow in this way.

7. Indstanbulia- We took a two-week trip to Northern India, which took us to the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, the desert, and the capital. So many beautiful colors, intense smells, and delicious food. Enroute to India, we had a chance to stop by Istanbul for 30 hours. We found some baklava, whirling dervishes, and hookah while there.

8. Acquiring another AC unit- It was a hot summer. Really hot. Someone had pity on us and gave us a third AC unit. It brought a lot of joy and allowed Mark to keep his shirt on while working from home.

9. Week of Thai Food- In an effort to learn how to make authentic Thai food, we visited a Thai grocery store and bought enough ingredients to make unique dishes for an entire week. It was amazing. We discovered kao soi, which changed our lives.

10. Church Leadership- After attending our urban-focused, diverse church for the past four years, we've been given new opportunities to serve in leadership roles. We're really grateful. 

11. Thailand- Our dear friends (Hi Chuck and Vina!) decided to get married in Thailand, so we figured we should go out and support them. Thanks to our airline miles, we were able to get the flights for free. It was a lovely week of friends, love, and lots of amazing Thai food.

12. Friendships- We're deeply grateful for the friends that made this a full and beautiful year. We're challenged and encouraged by the community around us.