Monday, March 18, 2013

No, No, Yes?

There's a lot of NO's that come at you when you're pregnant for the first time. You want some sushi? No. How about that perfect over-easy egg? Nope. That four-shot latte you desperately need? No ma'am. This one's the worst: Wouldn't a neat Bulleit bourbon hit the spot? Don't even think about it.

Now of course, there are plenty of things you can do while pregnant, but at first, it just seems like you can't do anything-- especially when you're slightly surprised by the pregnancy. Once you learn of all these no's, you think back on your life before taking that pregnancy test and you feel like you lived in a dream world. Back then, I was drinking bourbon, popping fresh yellowtail and raw eggs into my mouth right and left, and downing buckets of caffeine-filled lattes, right? Because that's how life used to be.

But we're having a baby! Isn't that completely awesome? It's bizarre (and fairly silly) that I can view this incredible YES to new life as a NO to my old life. Although God is saying "yes" all over the place, I'm seeing the no's. To be honest, even though I'm not super proud of it, I will admit that it has been difficult to put on hold a fairly superfluous, but meaningful part of my life (like drinking a cocktail). But the truth is, transition is hard. Adjusting to a new normal takes time. Even if that new normal is full of good and incredible life, there's something real about recognizing what you're giving up. So I acknowledge the no's (and the silly pangs of sadness when I can't drink that craft beer), but I look to the yes that's in front of me, and I rejoice.  

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